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"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family." - Kofi Annan

I am a software developer who has honed my skills through self-learning and having a deep passion for STEM Education. My journey started as a math teacher, but when I started teaching computer science, my passion truly ignited. I am a solutions-oriented professional with a background in managing STEM programs, software development, and instruction, including programming, data structures, and software design, ready to leverage training and experience in a Software Developer role.

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Terra Foundation for American Art

Contributed to a comprehensive full-stack project, leveraging Vue.js, Django, and Python, to modernize and enhance an application for the Terra Foundation for American Art.

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Terra Foundation Artnav

Haweye360 - MissionSpace

At Hawkeye360, I contributed to designing and developing geospatial applications using HE360 data and third-party datasets. As a member of the Analytics team, I also developed comprehensive tests to maintain software integrity and supported the implementation of the HE360 geolocation and analytics architecture.

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MissionSpace Project


As a web developer contributor, I developed software utilizing React.js and CSS on the front end. I also interacted with the back-end cloud database and server-side logic via Google Cloud Firestore/Functions to support functionality and end-user satisfaction. Click to learn more about Resolvve.

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Resolve Project

Website Demo

This is a website demo that I created. It shows a landing page you could customize for your blog, portfolio, business, etc! Check out the live demo!

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Web Demo Project

TAG Clothing

TAG Clothing is an e-commerce test website I created using React. This website has Google authentication and Stripe for payments. Use the test credit card to make purchases on the website!

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TAG Clothing Project


RoboFriends is an app I created with React. Inside of the app you can search for different robots by name!

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RoboFriends Project

Banking with Python

This is a Python program using classes, class methods, file handling, and exception handling to create a banking system! Try it out! ->>

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Background Generator

This background generator takes the input of two colors and creates a linear-gradient background with them! Test it out!

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I am looking for front-end developer roles that have interesting problems to solve, offer professional growth and learning, and that value People and Processes > Technology.